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    Welcome to V& L Machine and Tool Co., Inc. your precision ISO Certified Machine Shop specializing in
    CNC machining of premium parts, production, tooling, and prototype work.  

    We were established in 1986 and operated for over 18 years in Clifton, NJ.  In December 2006, we relocated
    to a larger facility in Fairfield, NJ and currently service the greater metropolitan area and beyond.  

    V & L Machine & Tool Co., Inc. is a privately owned business that provides close personal attention to all of
    its customers needs.  We have the capability to manufacture a wide variety of products ranging from an  
    individual machine component to more complex, multi-part custom engineered fabrications and assemblies.  
    We pride ourselves in being unrivaled in the delicate field of custom manufacturing.  

    Our company is comprised of three owners, all experts in their own specialty of machining.  They exude
    numerous years of experience, training, and necessary skills in the competitive world of precision parts
    specialization.    Most current employees have over 25 years individual experience in machining and have
    proven to be vital components to our vast growing team of machining experts.

    Here at V & L Machine & Tool Co., Inc., we strive our very best to provide you with the highest quality
    custom manufactured parts and products catered to your every demand.  The accuracy of our products is
    known to be unsurpassed.  We excel in the manufacturing of precision machined  components and assemblies
    for almost any industry and by serving your needs, can help you become a success.

    Feel free to contact us to receive a quote, submit a drawing, or learn how V & L Machine & Tool Co., Inc. may
    be able to benefit you.  We can handle all of your assembly needs be it large or small and look forward to doing
    business with you in the near future.

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